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Why You Should Be Using Audiences In Your Google Ads Campaigns

Audiences? What are those?

If you are running a Google Search campaign and not using Audiences, you are missing a really important targeting area.

Not including remarketing, the two main audience types are Affinity and In Market.

Affinity is where you have an interest in a particular area, such Gardening or Cars. Google knows this because of the sites you visit, and the search terms you use, amongst other factors.

In Market is a really important audience, as Google, using it's really clever algorithms, knows when you are in the market to buy something! So these audiences are already way down the sales funnel for your product or service, so you really want them to come to your site, don't you? You can do this by using bid adjustments, so that if someone is searching for your products or services within that audience, you can increase your bids to make sure that you are at the top of the first page results.

You are also able to combine audiences, so for example, if you are a roofer, you may want to use the Homeowners audience combined with the Inmarket audience for Roofing Services, so that you can target homeowners looking for roofing services. Pretty powerful stuff I'm sure you'll agree!

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