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Goodbye Universal Analytics, Hello GA4!

So we now know the date when Google will be "sunsetting" Universal Analytics (UA).

Google will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning 1 July 2023. This means that no data will be collected in the account after this date. You will still be able to access this historical data up to six months after this date, but be prepared that it may disappear after this.

So what do we do? Switch to GA4 of course!

This is pretty easy to do if you have the latest tags on your website, as it just involves setting up the new account in your current analytics account. If you don't have the latest tags, this is a good opportunity to update them and them create your new GA4 account.

Don't wait for the switch off date to do this though, as your new GA4 account will only start tracking data from when you set it up. So get as much data in the account before you have to lose your UA account, to get maximum benefit from your new GA4 set up.


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