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If you are looking to set up and manage your own Google Ads account, these are some of the resources we use as Search Marketing Consultants, that could also help you.


Web Hosting and Domains


  • Just Host - We've tried a number of hosting companies, and can safely say that Just Host are by far the best! Easy to use, great support and good value


Website Creation


  • Wordpress - Make sure you get the right one! The .org version, which requires hosting, is the much prefered version, and powers around 25% of all websites in the world. Great for content management and SEO, but a little open to attack.


  • XSite Pro - A program we've used for quite a while, very flexible design, good SEO.


  • Wix - How this fantastic site has been created! Easy to use, great mobile and it's FREE!




  • Google Analytics - Another excellent free product from Google, giving great website analytics, and all the information you'll ever need on your website traffic and performance.

  • Google Search Console - Lets you monitor performance of your Organic Search Traffic, and general website performance, including any issues which may need resolving to help it perform better!


  • Clicky - Get a single basic account free, has a number of killer features that Google doesn't. 


  • Test Your Mobile Speed - Page loading speed is becoming more and more important, as you can lose around half your visitors if it takes too long. Check you site loading time with this free tool from Google.


Keyword Research


  • Google Keyword Planner - You need to login through your AdWords account, a great first step for searching out keywords. 




  •  SocialOomph - If you run any social media campaigns, SocialOomph can make it so much easier! Try the free version first. 


  • AWeber - Building a customer database for email marketing? AWeber lets you customise capture boxes and is extremely stable and reliable.​


  • Mailchimp - For your email marketing, another great free, easy to use tool!

  • Hubspot - Great CRM, Marketing & Sales Software, with free versions for small users.

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