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Google Ads

Do you use Google to search for things on the internet? Well that's basically what search marketing is!


When you do a Google search, the results that come up consist of organic (free) and paid (Google Ads) searches, all together on the same page.


The top four results are always paid search results (Google Ads), & statistically, these get the majority of the clicks.


With Google Ads, you have much more control over the position of your advert on the page, than you do with the organic search. In fact, it's the only guaranteed way to get on the first page!


Its also important to get your website on the first page of the Google search, as most people don't look beyond this when searching, and the easiest and quickest way is by using Google Ads.​


Don't like Google?

The Bing platform is very similar to Google, and campaigns can be transferred across very easily.


We do also use Bing paid search, useful if you want to cover pretty much all internet searches, and are certified by Bing too! (Microsoft/Yahoo)

Google Analytics

Hopefully you've made the switch over to the new GA4 platform, and are using it to help understand how your website and marketing is performing. We can check or set up your analytics for you, and also show you how to use it effectively.


Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising can be highly effective, and is particularly useful if you want to target a specific demographic. Just think how much information about yourself you give to Facebook. This is what we can use to target our ads!


Don't forget to add the Facebook Pixel to your site, for really powerful remarketing.


Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has it's own niche when considering online advertising.

Much more B2B!


Social Marketing

All companies should have a social presence and be interacting with potential customers, whether that is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


We can do this for you. 


YouTube Advertising


Want to know how to get some FREE advertising on YouTube? Just Ask! It's the next big thing!


Did you also know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google?



You want conversions, right?

Re-marketing can help improve these, by building audiences from your website visitors and re-marketing to them. Don't let them slip away!

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