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Times a Ticking For Universal Analytics!

As we are now rapidly heading towards the end of June, it's only time for the big switch off. Yes, we're talking about Google Analytics!

The current Universal Analytics (UA) will not longer accrue any metrics as from 1st July 2023, so will only be useful for looking at historical data from that point. Google have now extended the timescale by which you can view your UA account up until July next year, as originally it was set for end of December 2023.

Hopefully you've had your GA4 account set up and running for many months now, so won't need to refer back to your old UA account to compare data!

If you are still struggling with the transition over to GA4, we're happy to help and guide you. It's usually a fairly simple job, so you can then start getting all that lovely data into your new analytics account!


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