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Why PPC Campaigns Fail.

One of the top reasons why PPC campaigns don’t work, is not having a big enough budget to begin with.

Now this might sound counterproductive, as we are often told in life to start small and build up once you can see things working.

However, with paid search it is slightly different - you need to have a good budget to start with, as the initial stage of any campaign is actually information gathering. Once you have some metrics coming in, you can then assess where the campaign needs optimising and refining, to get the traffic that you actually want.

If your budget is too small, your account can be constrained by Google, so that your ads only show at certain times, so that your budget isn’t used up in the first couple of hours of that day. However this does mean that your results could be swayed somewhat. If your click volume is low, it may be better to increase your budget before thinking that the campaign doesn’t work.

For example, your campaign may have been running for a couple of months, and you’ve only had 19 clicks, at an average of £1.00 per click, with no conversions. But if your next click converts, you suddenly have a 5% conversion rate, at £20.00!

Over the next couple of months you may then get two more conversions, which gives a 7.5% conversion rate at £13.33 per lead, which is quite a difference.

So if your budget is too low, you might not be generating enough valid information to make a judgement on the success of your campaign. The moral is "Don’t leave too early!"

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