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Expanded Text Ads - Why You Need To Use Them

Using AdWords? Great!

Using Expanded Text Ads? Why not?

Well they have only recently been introduced by Google, so you may not know about them yet!

For your text ads in search campaigns, you now have much more space and a lot more characters in which to craft your ads.

You now have two 30-character headlines, one 80-character description line and two 15-character URL path fields available.

Why should you do it? Well, it's all about space! If you can take up more space on the search page, you ad will be more prominent, and more people will click it! Just look at the example below for proof.

And while we're talking about taking up more space, don't forget to use ad extensions in your campaigns, as these do the same thing for you - callouts, sitelinks, whatever you feel you can use.

Expanded Text Ads

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