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Major AdWords Changes!

Hopefully by now you will have noticed that there are no longer any search results down the right hand side of the page, whether you're searching for a local coffee shop or a major manufacturing company.

Google had been testing this new layout for some time, and has now finally implemented the change.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that there are now four paid search results at the top of the page, and a few more at the bottom. It does also mean that the organic listings have been pushed down another rung, often meaning they are now "below the fold", or not visible unless you scroll down the page.

So unless you are using Paid Search (AdWords) your website my not get as many visits as before.

As more and more searches are now being done on mobiles, this simplification makes sense, as the side ads never featured anyway on mobile.

But it may be worth checking just how you appear on Google now and if you are on the first page. If you find you're not, we can help!

AdWords Right Hand Side

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