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Callout Extensions In Google AdWords

You may have seen recently that Google have introduced another new feature for AdWords called Callout Extensions. If you were wondering what these are, let me explain!

Callout extensions allow you to add up to four additional text pieces into your AdWords ads, which can be used to provide more information and highlight other features about your business.

They will, however, only show when your ad is in the top or bottom of the search results, and not down the sides, much like the Sitelinks extensions.

Here's an example from the Google AdWords Help site.

Google AdWords Extensions

As you can see, it really does help to fill out your ads, and takes up much more of the search results real estate for your ad.

Best of all though, it's free to use, you'll get a higher CTR, and Google likes you to use extensions, so will be more likely to show your ads in great positions!

For more information, go to the Google Callout Ad Extensions help page here.

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